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Encounter limitless pleasure. Base and arms can be used to stimulate clit, nipples and other parts of the body, depending on the preference. The vibrating arms are firm but flexible and vibrate strongly on their own but the most intense rumbling sensation is created when the arms are used to hug your bodies most sensitive regions.

TRYST is comprised of two vibrating arms that are narrowly spaced and a vibrating base. Shaped to slip seamlessly into sex, the Tryst can also be worn as a vibrating cock ring. Wear Tryst around the penis as a solo vibrator or partner pleasing cock ring, or use the firm but flexible arms to stimulate the clitoris and nipples.

Depending on how you use Tryst massager, where you use it and which levels of intensity you use, the answer to this question can be multiple, like the use of this toy. Position TRYST around the shaft of the penis with the base or arms angled toward the head of the penis to provide stimulation for both partners.

If you turn its arms so that they stimulate woman's clitoris and its base to stimulate man's testicles, then you'll get the maximum pleasure for both how to use tryst massager partners. Ensure your Tryst Vibrating Penis Ring and all of your marital aids have a long, productive life by thoroughly cleaning them after every use.

Suitable for women and men, there's no shortage of ways to play with the Tryst for solo or couples play. With three powerful motors, seven massage patterns, and separate arm and base controls, TRYST can meet your desires. A pair of silky arms curl upward from the Tryst's smooth base.

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It's also a good idea to remove the batteries from the Tryst Vibrating Penis Ring when it's not being used to ensure a long battery life. Tryst massager can be used by men as a cock ring in 2 ways: If you turn the arms up, the base will stimulate your testicles, if you turn the arms down, then the arms will do the same.

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